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A young dog is going to learn to stay on his place

Our Obedience Dog Training will make your dog listen not only if he wants to, but also if he has to in any situation. Positive reinforcement only, can never ever lead to reliable performance. A combination of negative and positive will lead the path to reliable self driving behaviors. Our obedience dog training is based on scientific laws of learning. Take a look at how Achilles is going to learn that his place is not only good in order to get a positive reinforcer, but also a safe spot in order to avoid a negative reinforcer.

After this five months old Rottweiler Male has learned by being positively reinforced for going onto the Kong Bed, he now realizes that leaving without being released is triggering minor discomfort. The use of the remote collar on a very low level enables the trainer to communicate to the dog that leaving is uncomfortable – staying is comfortable and positively reinforced.

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