Obedience Pet Dog Training School for all breeds in Tucson Arizona

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Who is ZauBerBerg K9 Team?

ZBB K9 Team is a highly qualified Team of Dog Trainers in Tucson, that provides the newest Dog Training Techniques, based on scientifically proven laws of learning

The ZBB K9 Trainer Team has been involved in Dog Training of their own dogs as well as clients dogs  for over 50 years combined.

Yes, we know it is difficult to find a Dog Trainer!
It is like your Dentist or your Hair Dresser, the person you trust to fulfill your needs and produce results! – and the person to trust with the care of your Pet!

Our offer includes,
Pet Obedience Dog Training, House Dog Training, Distraction Training, Schutzhund Training, Police Dog Training, Narcotic Detection Training, Agility, Service Dog Training, Psychological Assistance Dog Training, CGC Training

Andreas Mueller –  Master Trainer


Be prepared to be astounded…..
…your not in a big box pet store anymore , you are at ZBB K9 Team. Andreas Mueller has titled more than 150 dogs before more than 50 different Judges world wide. He trained his first dog 35 years ago in Germany and had the first official title on his dog one year later. Dog Training has always been his passion. Over the years, working with all different breeds, his repertoire of “methods” makes it possible to solve any challenge that any dog might present!

He is not just saying ” I know what I am doing” – he has proven it over and over by being involved in official tests and being evaluated by real judges of performance.

During his law enforcement dog training years he competed at the International Law Enforcement dog competition with top ranking results, as well as winning regional Championships. His record of being in front of performance judges getting tested successfully, is hard to match.

Daniel Mueller – Trainer


Daniel Mueller is Andreas’ son. He owns a Rottweiler male and a German Shepherd female that he raised and trained in Protection and Obedience from puppy on.

He is operating the facility in McNeil and responsible for our breeding program. It is the most important task to imprint puppies in various stages of their development to make them become a high quality protection- and family dog.
Growing up around dog breeding and training all his life, Daniel is a young trainer that already has extensive experience and expertise.


Tonya Beam – Trainer

TonyaTonya Beam is a Master Trainer that is mostly responsible for scheduling and conducting our Group obedience classes here in Tucson Arizona. She is a dog trainer that has extensive experience with training Rotttweilers, but of course excellent skills are never limited to just one breed of dogs. Besides working as a Vet Tech for ten years (2 years general practice and 8 years as specialist in dermatology) Tonya has been working with dogs she owned and clients’ dogs for more than 20 years. Her first dog was a foster puppy that she raised and trained for the Seeing Eye Dog Foundation. That was the start of her passion for training dogs. As a young adult she became involved with showing and training Rottweilers in AKC. Tonya is active in both the conformation ring and obedience. She also has experience in herding and search and rescue training.