Obedience Pet Dog Training School for all breeds in Tucson Arizona

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What is a “Professional Dog Trainer”?
Some one that just thinks that he rightfully charges for his services…. YOU want experience! – Contact ZBB K9 Team!

The reasons and benefits you should take advantage of:
Obedience Pet Dog Training at Zauberberg offers well designed Dog Training Programs, that have been shaped by many years of experience to successfully provide well trained dogs and fulfill our clients’ needs. Using methods that are based on psychology and laws of learning, your dog will listen willingly and reliably.

family-001Obedience Dog Training will make your dog listen not only if he wants to, but also if he has to in any situation. Positive reinforcement only, can never ever lead to reliable performance. A combination of negative and positive will lead the path to reliable self driving behaviors.

Our obedience dog training is based on scientific laws of learning.

If your dog needs to perform a reliable recall, a sit, sit stay, down, down stay and heel off leash, no matter what the distraction, you have found the right place. We will teach you to understand completely how your dog is functioning and how he communicates. You should not depend on any trainer that tells “now do this, now do that”. This is what makes the difference between ZBB K9 Team and other obedience dog training schools.

Our promise to you!

After your dog is returned to you and you have gone through the lesson included in our training package, we promise your dog will listen all the time! Take advantage of our obedience dog training at our Obedience Dog Training School in Tucson – Arizona.

The dog training behaviors ZBB K9 Team teaches. All dog training behaviors are trained off leash!

  • Here – Come when called
  • Sit – sit and stay until released or “do something else”
  • Down- down and stay until released or “do something else”
  • Heel – come to heel position, stay in heel position until released
  • Sit when I stop during heeling
  • Sit from Down
  • Down from Sit
  • Place – Go to a designated place and stay until released
  • Sit by the door and wait until told to enter
  • Sit by the car door and wait until told to enter
  • Don’t run out when the crate door is opened
  • Don’t jump on people!
  • Use of the doggy door!

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