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Review ZBB K9 Team

Review ZBB K9 Team

Jennifer contacted us after attending a presentation, given by one of our trainers at Pima Animal Control Center. The presentation was designed to explain positive reinforcement Dog Training by using the clicker as a marker. Jennifer herself adopted a dog from PACC that displays some undesired behavior about people and other dogs. Of course ZBB K9 Team provided help via email after reviewing a video that Jennifer provided.
“Good Morning Mr. Mueller,
I went to your seminar for the volunteers at Pima Animal Care Center and I first of all want to thank you for taking your time to help out.  It was such a wonderful and educational experience.  Which brings me to my next question..
I adopted my baby from PACC when he was 8 weeks old so I know that he has never been hurt or abused by anyone but he is VERY skittish.  He is 3 years old now but he only likes the people he has known since he was a puppy.  Anyone else he will bark uncontrollably at until they leave either our home or his area of vision.  He is the sweetest boy and has never tried to bite anyone so I know the barking/growling isn’t aggressive but rather him asking for them to get away.  It makes it difficult to bring him anywhere or to have anyone over to our house.  If it is the people in his circle of trust, he loves to cuddle and is the best dog ever!  Have you ever heard of this or is there any training that can be done or is it simply his breed?  (He looks like a chow mix).
If this is something you think you could assist me with, please provide me with a quote.  I have attached a picture of him because I’m a mom and like to show him off…
Thank you for your time (for the second time 🙂 ), ”
Jen Snodgrass

Dog Training Presentation at PACCAfter the consultation:
Hi Andreas! I’ve been practicing what you told me and putting it to the test. I have already seen such a difference! I was able to bring him on the MADD walk without any issues at all. It was fantastic! Thank you so much!! You’re amazing at what you do!”

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