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Rottweiler Male Obedience Trained

Achilles is a five months old Rottweiler Male Obedience Trained by ZBB K9 Team in Tucson Arizona. He is trained for practical applications in real life to be taken public places while being under control!

Please note that other videos with our own dogs in training are very much geared to competition performance with high accuracy, striving for perfection. That should just show you the race car driver, that wins the race for Mercedes!

You are our respected client that buys a “regular Mercedes” of the quality and make, that has the features of a regular version, that is manufactured with the knowledge and capability of Mercedes staff.

In this video, the dog waits when the crate / car door is opened, until he is released to jump out of the vehicle. The same training was done for entering the vehicle.

He always stays close to the trainer. If he is allowed to greet people, it shows that he can always be called off, and comes happy and willingly. When he is left in a stay and has a high desire to be with the trainer, he experiences through positive reinforcement, that it is worth the wait to be allowed to come. Thus the trainer is coming back to him, rewarding him with the treat at the place he remained at. This is what we call a Rottweiler Male Obedience Trained.

In order to keep balance between him willingly staying / or willingly coming to the trainer, the recall from the stay spot and / or the stay itself need to be unpredictably mixed up in order to keep both responses in balance and under the control of the specific signals.

Let it be known that training your dog is an ongoing process! – We are here for the life time of your dog, to give support! All you have to do is engaging with the ZBB K9 Team!

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